BA (Hons) Economics

Goldsmiths, University of London

Institutional webpage for this programme

 BA (Hons) Economics at Goldsmiths offers a unique, pluralist perspective on economics.  The curriculum is carefully designed to stimulate critical thinking, encourage interactive learning and making it relevant to understand and analyse real world issues.  We place strong emphasis on interdisciplinary perspectives and alternative schools of economic thought in our teaching, alongside quantitative skills.

In addition, there are two distinguishing features of this degree and the overall learning experience:

(a) Students can choose between different streams over the three years.  These diverse streams explore links between Economics and related disciplines, thus offering a broader view and a variety of tools and approaches.  The students will have an opportunity to take modules from the following subject areas:  Management, Entrepreneurship, Computing, Psychology, Politics, History, Sociology, Media, Anthropology and the Arts.

(b) Students meet and interact with a faculty member every other week in a small group format (called supervisions) to critically discuss the ideas they have learnt in their classroom in their first year of study. These discussions are often open-ended, and helps them relate and apply the concepts they learn to real world issues with an economic policy angle.


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