BA (Hons) Business Economics

Birmingham City University

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Our degree prepares you to work across all areas of the economy. Specifically, your degree combines the study of economics with a wide variety of applicable business-related theories. Our degree provides both the modes of thought and technical skills that have practical applications in business and society.

As economists work in a number of settings, you will be prepared for a career in government departments, in local government, in firms and organisations, and in the financial services industry (for example forecasting), therefore providing you with a range of options dependent on the graduate role you subsequently seek.

You will be equipped with a firm foundation focused on diverse economic ideas and their relevance to business and financial decision-making. You will also gain quantitative skills, as well as communication and IT skills, and learn about their application in business contexts as an economist, or in a related role which is concerned with the allocation of resources across all sectors of the economy. 

What's covered in the course?

The course will not just use business economics to explain social, financial and business interactions, but will draw back knowledge and understanding from these related areas, using these to challenge and progress your understanding of their interactions.

The technical skills within your degree, alongside your voluntary engagement with our Graduate + employability course, will aid your development as a work-ready graduate, equipping you with a range of technical and employability skills suitable for a wide range of positions. Your course will foster your intellectual and moral development, and encourage your personal commitment to the social purpose of becoming a professional economist or business analyst.

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