Yannis Dafermos

SOAS University of London

Yannis Dafermos is a Lecturer in Economics at SOAS University of London. His research focuses on financial macroeconomics, climate change and finance, ecological macroeconomics and inequality. He has co-developed a novel ecological macroeconomic model that analyses the interactions between the ecosystem, the financial system and the macroeconomy. His work has appeared in various academic journals, such as the Cambridge Journal of Economics, Ecological Economics, Nature Climate Change, the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics and the Review of Political Economy.

He is currently acting as the Principal Investigator in a project on the greening of the Eurosystem collateral framework, funded by the ClimateWorks Foundation. He is also working, as Co-Investigator, in an ESRC-funded project on supercycles, shadow banking and globalisation.

He teaches Macroeconomics both at the undergrate and the postgraduate level. 

Research Interests:

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