Samuele Bibi

Goldsmiths, University of London

I am a lecturer in economics at Goldsmiths University (UK)  and Universidad de Piura (Peru).

I graduated in economics at University of Perugia and obtained my Master in Economic Sciences from University of Roma 3, in 2009.

I have always been exposed to both orthodox and heterodox perspectives.

I obtained my PhD from University of Trento and University of Leeds under the supervision of Malcolm Sawyer and Stefano Zambelli.

In my PhD I focused the attention on disequilibrium aand dynamics process within an heterodox perspective, particularly taking inspiration from some hints of Kalecki and Metzler.

Currently my areas of expertise are:
Macroeconomic Dynamics and Macroeconomic Pedagogy.

I have published in scientific journals such as the Cambridge Journal of Economics, the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics.

Research Interests:

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