Rob Jump

UWE Bristol

I am a lecturer in economics at the University of the West of England.  I teach quantitative methods and macroeconomics, and I have previously taught at SOAS, University of London, and Kingston University.

I have two major research areas.  The first is in economic theory, where I am interested in heterogeneity and disequilibrium dynamics.  This was the topic of my PhD thesis, and I am currently working with colleagues at the University of Surrey on incorporating the insights of agent based models into New Keynesian business cycle models.  The second is in applied macroeconomics, where I am interested in the relationship between the employment rate, the level of output, and the income distribution.  I am currently working with colleagues at SOAS and Kingston on this question, using time series econometrics.

 I studied for my PhD at the University of Kent, after taking degrees at SOAS and the University of Edinburgh.

Research Interests:

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