Peter Bradley

UWE Bristol

Peter is a leader in economics for sustainability and currently principal investigator of the 'Understanding and assessing business models for sustainability' project and leading work on the Linkage Local Sustainability Fund Project.  With degrees in environmental chemistry and economics, his core research interest is to understand the transition required in bringing about economies that embody sustainable development at local and global levels.  Research approaches are developed from qualitative and quantitative methods and papers tend to be inter-disciplinary.  See my University of the West of England profile for all papers including some teaching relevant ones. 

PhD in Ecological Economics, from the University of Surrey at an Internationally-Acclaimed Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Development.

Past UK research council research:

EPSRC funded fellowship on the industrial and social ecology of urban resource flows; Research fellow on an EPSRC funded project at the University of Surrey: Reshaping Energy Demand of Users by Communication Technology and Economic Incentives (REDUCE);  Researcher with the Research Group on Lifestyles Values and Environment (RESOLVE).



Module leader for Economic Principles in a Contemporary Context and Sustainable Business and Economy

Research Interests:

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