Hanna Karolina Szymborska

Birmingham City University

I am a senior lecturer in economics at Birmingham City University. I teach undergraduate courses:


Sustainable Development

I have previously taught economic principles and theory at the Open University and quantitative methods at the University of Leeds. 

My research interest include economics of inequality, household finance, macroeconomics, monetary and financial economics, economic development, economic geography, feminist economics, and history of economic thought.

In my PhD I investigated how financial deregulation, innovation, and liberalisation in the USA have influenced household wealth composition and contributed to rising wealth and income inequality.

My latest research investigates the role of macro-institutions and financial infrastructure in generating wealth inequality, focusing on differences across countries and on the implications for gender, race, and intergenerational inequality. I am particularly interested in how economic policy can address inequality in the context of global financialised capitalism.

Research Interests:

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