Alberto Botta

University of Greenwich

I am associate professor in Economics at the Department of International Business and Economics, University of Greenwich (UoG). I am also member of the scientific commettee of the Master program in cooperation and development of the University of Pavia. I also teach economic development and international integration at the University of Bethelehem, Palestine.

Before becoming lecturer at UoG I was a post-doc researcher at the Department of Economics at the University of Pavia. I have a PhD in economics of production and development from the University of Insubria (Italy).  

My teaching experience is mainly related to development economics and open-economy macroeconomics. In my courses, I generally consider and analyse open-economy issues such as the economic mechanisms behing Balance-of-Payment and financial crises in developing countries, the effective implementation of fiscal and monetary policies, and the coordination between them. 

My research interests are strictly connected to what I teach. At the beginning of my PhD program, I dedicated my reseach activity to post-Keynesian structuralist macroeconomics, in particular Balance-of-Payments constrained growth models with endogenous productive structures. More recently, I have started to analyse the issue of financialiazation in order to understand how financialization has made developed economies more fragile, and unfetterd capital movements have increased macroeconomic instability in developing countries. I have also devoted part of my research activity to investigating the sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone and the intrinsic weaknesses of the Eurozone institutional building as it has been designed so far.

You can find some of my publications on these topics on scientific journals such as Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Metroeconomica, the Review of Political Economy, the Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics, the Review of Keynesian Economics, the PSL Quarterly Review, the International Journal of Political Economy and the Forum for Social Economics.

You can also find preliminary results of my researches in some working papers published in the GPERC, PKSG and Levy Economics Institute WP series.

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