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The University of Northampton currently has two members of Reteaching Economics in the Economics, International Relations and Development department.

Our institution currently offers a BSc in Economics and a new MSc in Economics.

Both programmes have a strong pluralist and heterodox strand which runs alongside the other standard mainstream modules (microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics etc). These strands focus on the history of economic thought and alternative economic perspectives, and international development, reflecting the interests and backgrounds of the department members.

The following modules are taught from an explicitly pluralist/heterodox perspective:

BSc Economics

Year 1

ECN1014 Introduction to Key Economic Thinkers (compulsory)

DEV1002 The Developing World (compulsory)

Year 2

ECN2011 The History of Economic Thought (compulsory)

DEV2002 Development Economics (optional)

Year 3

ECN3015 The Political Economy of Development (optional)

ECN4001 Dissertation - supervision on pluralist and heterodox approaches available

Recent undergraduate dissertation topcs that have been supervised in the department that have taken a pluralist/heterodox approach include:

Inequality in the capitalist system

Competing approaches to understanding the financial crisis

Critical assessments of microfinance

Rationality and Behavioural Economics

The Economics of the Environment


If students have an interest in International Development (taught from an economic perspective), then it is possible to have a third of the degere each year comprised of pluralist/heterodox modules.


MSc Economics

This is a new programme. As with our undergraduate programme, we have optional modules that take a pluralist/heterodox approach that complement standard mainstream modules:

ECNM015 Alternative Economic Perspectives (optional)

ECNM014 The Political Economy of Development (optional)

ECNM016 Research Methods and Dissertation (compulsory)

As with the undergraduate programme, pluralist/heterodox dissertation supervision is available.



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